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Using advanced search criteria and browsing the companies results
Using advanced search criteria and browsing the companies results
Soleadify has advanced search criteria related to the Firmographics and the Digital Footprint of the companies
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Once you're happy with the criteria set for Industry, Category, Country and City as described in this article, you might consider adding more advanced criteria by using the "Add criteria" button. These cover different topics:

  1. Firmographics: Number of Employees, No. of Physical Locations

  2. Digital Footprint: Company website, Website Keyword, Social Media Link, Website Attributes, Technology, SEO Score, Top Level Domain, Number of Site Pages, Organic Traffic, Alexa Rank, External Link, Language

Once you click one of the criteria, you will be able to enter the values for which you want to filter. Click outside the area to refresh the results set.

When you have reached a result set that you're comfortable with, you might want to start browsing the companies within your results:

  • Click on any company result in the Table view to see its details.

  • Use your keyboard Up and Down arrows to move through the results.

  • Use the Spacebar to select a result for later adding it to a list, or for exporting it.

The steps described are shown in the video below:

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