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Exporting: Employee Names and Personal Emails
Exporting: Employee Names and Personal Emails

How to export from Soleadify & how to use employee names + their email addresses and job titles

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We detect employee names & job titles on a company's website.

We then look for any email address that might fit a person's name, and match the name with the email address.

Employee names + matching email addresses are added to the export:

As shown in the above screenshot, for some of the employees we also find job titles. In some industries, for example the legal industry, we find job titles for most employees.

Just like before, you can choose how we format your export:

When it comes to email addresses, you can choose between two ways of formatting your export:

  • One email address per row

  • All emails on the same row, separated by comma

How you wish to format your export usually depends on the CRM or Outreach tool you use.

Below is an example explaining the difference between the 2 options.

One email address per row:

Same row:

With this update, you will notice we split emails between 4 email types:

  • Personal Email Address

  • Generic Company Email

  • Other Company Emails

  • Emails from other domains

We've explained what each means in this article.
All the employee names found are included in your export, and we only count 1 website = 1 lead (even if there are 100 employees in the same export). For more information, please see "How we count leads"
In case you exported a list before this update, you can go to "Exports History", re-export, and you'll get the new format and data (including names & job titles).

For some websites, there won't be any personal email addresses. You can, however, decide to only export leads with personal emails or with generic emails. Please visit this article to learn how to do that.

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