What is counted as a lead?

A "lead" is a business' website. On most websites, we find several email addresses, but we only count that as one lead.

So, in the following example:

Although there are several email addresses found on the same website, this is only counted as one lead.

For some (few) in the database, there won't be any email address, but we will provide other contact data, like phone numbers and social media links. We order results so that these are at the bottom, making it very hard to actually get to download them. However, if you'd rather make sure, we provide a quick way to do so:

When do we substract credits from your account?

We only substract credits when you export. We don't count searching at all.
Before exporting, there's a handy way to limit how many leads we substract from your account:

We only count the new leads added to your export. If there's an overlap between this export and a previous one, we won't count the overlap. 

More so, we will group these in a file called "Previously exported leads". Read this article to find out more about "New leads" and "Previously exported leads".

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