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Do you include email addresses in the export?
Do you include email addresses in the export?
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Yes, whenever they are available on the website of the business.

As explained in this article, for most businesses we actually provide more than one email address, yet still count that as one lead.

For some (few) in the database, there won't be any email address, but we will provide other contact data, like phone numbers and social media links. We order results so that these are at the bottom, making it very hard to actually get to download them.

If you want to make 100% sure you only download leads with email addresses, we've made it really easy to do so. Just click on "Only export leads that have email addresses" before exporting:

When creating an account with Soleadify, you can download a list of 100 leads as part of your trial, and see for yourself.
If you want to learn more about all the data we include in our export, and what each column means, please check out this article.

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