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What are “new leads” and “previously exported leads”?
What are “new leads” and “previously exported leads”?

When exporting, you usually get two files. Here's why.

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If it's your first time exporting a file from Soleadify, you will only get one file, called "New Leads file", followed by a number.

The number is the number of rows inside the file. If there are more than 5000 leads in one file, we break the file into 2 (or more).
The actual number of rows can differ from the number of leads (usually more rows than leads) because there are websites on which we find more than one email address. To learn more, please check out this article - What is a "lead" in Soleadify?

On your subsequent exports, you will notice a second file - Previously exported file - followed, as well, by a number. 

In "Previously exported" you will find the overlap between the current export and previous exports.

The number, as you probably already guessed, is the number of leads in that file.

Note: We don't substract previously exported leads from your total number of leads. We don't count them at all. We only count one lead once, per account.
Also, the data won't be the same you downloaded the first time, it will be updated to reflect any changes that might have happened in the meantime.

These are mostly there for your reference, and we group them in a different file to help you avoid reaching out to the same business twice.

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