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Exporting Company and People data from Soleadify
Exporting Company and People data from Soleadify

You can export Companies and People data for your sales or marketing activities

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Exporting is possible from several places within Soleadify:

  1. The Finder, with a new search or after applying a Saved Search from the Saved Searches tab. You need to select one or several records for being able to Exportt.

  2. The Lists section within each Companies and People sections, by clicking the Export icon available on each row.

Exporting will generate a CSV file that you can import in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. For Microsoft Excel, there are two alternative ways to import the CSV file:

  • Use "Open with" from your Operating System and select "Microsoft Excel".

  • Within Microsoft Excel, navigate to File / Import, select the downloaded file and then select "Delimited" in the 1st step of the wizard and Comma in the 2nd step of the Wizard.

Here's a short demo on how to export Company data:

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