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Adding people data to a list
Adding people data to a list

Soleadify allows you to save people data to a list so you can export them later in one-go

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Say you're planning to run a campaign for marketing personas within multiple types of organisations. Instead of searching for People data and exporting the relevant data for each search, you may want to consolidate all the relevant people records within a single list.

There are two types of lists: Company and People lists.

While Companies lists are quite similar, the way you can browse company details in the Companies section is distinct to the way you do that in the People section.

To add People data to a list you may want to:

  1. Select People data records one by one using your mouse.

  2. Select entire pages of People data records by clicking the header checkbox of a page. You may want to navigate to the next page and do that again, the previous page will still be selected.

  3. Select all the People records that resulted in the last search. You need to first select all the records within a page and then click the "Select all" button.

Once you have one or several People records selected, just click on the Add to list button above the People search results. You may want to select an existing list, or type the name of a new list and click the Create new list option that is displayed as a suggestion.

Here's a short video on how to create a new list after Selecting all the records resulted from a search.

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