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Searching for people within your target market
Searching for people within your target market

Soleadify allows you to use the People section in order to search our People database

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When looking for people to outreach to, there are two alternative steps you might consider:

  1. You may start directly in the People section, by navigating using the left hand sidebar in the Soleadify app.

  2. You may start with a Companies search and then use "Switch to people search" once you're happy with your Company search criteria and results.

The People section allows you to search using Company criteria (described in a separate article) and add an additional Job title criteria for seeking the People that hold the positions that are relevant for your sales activity.

The Job Title criteria works like most of the other criteria types in Soleadify, with the difference that it requires you to select an exact value from the list or type in a partial term within the desired Job Title.

In the below example, here are the values that are selected as possible Job Titles: Chief Executive Officer, CEO, Director, Founder, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer, CIO, Vice President.

Check out the video below to learn on how to Switch to the People search from the Company section results and then add several Job Title filters.

Here are some sample People searches to give you a glimpse of what are the possible criteria you may use:

  1. Lawyers and Partners in law firms in the US:

  2. Leadership and Management positions in IT companies in the US:

  3. Leadership and Management positions in Real Estate companies in the US:

  4. Marketing managerial positions in the US in mid-sized to large organisations:

  5. People working in the Legal industry in the US, in companies that have an Intellectual Property practice:

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