If your plan supports the e-mail campaigns functionality, you need to activate your account first so you can start exporting leads’ email addresses to the e-mail component.

There are two ways to activate your e-mail campaigns functionality:

  1. From your account settings once you are logged-in.

  2. From the export functionality once you have used the criteria to filter target leads.

We will cover the second scenario in this article, however the first is nearly identical as far as activating your account goes.

Identify your target market leads by selecting the relevant values for the Search Criteria in the Leads Finder section of the application.

Click the Export button on the right side, below the Search criteria area.

Navigate to the Export to campaign tab in the newly displayed window. Click the Connect button visible for the first step.

Once you clicked the Connect button, your will now see the 2nd step description, just like to the below pop-up.

Check your email mailbox and seek an email that invites you to create an account with our e-mail component, similar to the one below. It’s best that you check your spam folder as well, as the e-mail might be filtered out by your spam filters.

Click the invitation link and fill-in the required data in the form.

Once you have created your account for our e-mail component, click Continue in the 2nd step of the window that is represented above. You will then be revealed the export functionality similar to the below snapshot.

You can now move forward to exporting, that is described in the article: http://help.soleadify.com/en/articles/4499033-create-an-e-mail-campaign-with-soleadify

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