Using the "Export to campaign" functionality, you can export leads to an e-mail campaigns component. Next steps entail configuring an email account sender for the campaign and setting up your campaign details (define subject and body text, sending times, automatic sequences).

Defining your search criteria with optional Job Title criteria

The first place to start is the Leads Finder. Describe your Ideal Customer Profile by selecting one or multiple values for Industry, Country/Region, Category and City.

If your sales approach is to talk to a certain role in the organisation, add a Job Title criteria by clicking on the "+ Add Criteria" button. Once you lookup and select your target roles, Soleadify refreshes again, indicating the leads for which we hold contact data for the selected Job Titles.

Add other criteria by using the "+ Add Criteria" button until you feel comfortable with the lead list. Whenever you update criteria, Soleadify will update the leads list (along with the number of results) as well, so you’ll know when you're narrowing your search too much.

Below you can find a sample criteria set:

Creating your e-mail campaign

Once you want to start the configuration of a new e-mail campaign, use the "Export" button, always visible below your search criteria. Click the "Export to campaign" tab in the upper area of the displayed pop-up.

It’s time to name your campaign in a way that describes the market segment you want to approach.

You may want to limit the Number of companies that you want to contact that you want to contact - as this number of leads will be deducted from your monthly leads balance.

Use the Maximum number of contacts per company to limit the number of contacts to be approached for each lead.

Please be aware that once Job Title criteria is used, only those contacts will be sent to the e-mail campaign. When it is not used in your filtering, Soleadify will send the higher-role contacts first for each company and will continue with lower-level or generic contact data we store, always limiting the number of contacts to the indicated maximum.

Once ready, click Next to move to the 2nd step of the process that looks like in the below snapshot.

This is just a confirmation step, so you will know how many leads will be deducted from your monthly balance and what is the size of your future campaign audience.

Click "Export" to begin sending data to your email campaign. This might take several minutes, depending on the size of your audience.

Once all contacts have been exported to campaign, you will receive an e-mail from "Soleadify" that holds the campaign name you have previously provided. Make sure you check the Spam folder as well, automatic messages may sometimes end-up being marked as such.

Your confirmation e-mail will contain a summary of the exported leads and created campaigns. Here’s an example below:

Note that you will always be able to download the full leads list from the My Leads section, just as you would do with a regular CSV export.

It’s time to start configuring your campaigns in the e-mail component, which will now display the a refreshed list in the Campaigns section.

Campaign configuration will be needed for each campaign that holds a different timezone, provided you may want to send automated e-mail messages that reflect the timezone of your target audience.

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