An e-mail sequence allows you to automate followups to your target contacts, so you will just wait for replies and monitor the interest along the campaign execution.

To configure a sequence, click the gear icon near the desired campaign in the Campaigns tab. Then click the E-mail Sequence in the upper right corner of your browser reaching a similar view to the below:

Your campaign must have at least one step, while you decide the maximum number of steps. Each step will be executed for the contacts that did not reply to the previous one.

To configure the subject and the text for a step, click the "Add Email Version" button in the upper right area of your browser.

A pop-up will be displayed on the right-hand side of your browser that will be similar to the above one. It’s time to write the subject and the body of your text.

Merge fields allow you to embed dynamic text in your Subject or Body text:

From the above list, Soleadify does not currently support Phone or Address merge fields. Moreover, City, State and Country might be missing for some of your leads’ contacts, so it is recommeded to use this after checking this data in your Contacts tab.

In order to insert a Merge Field into your subject or body copy, you might use the "Merge Fields" button depicted in the previous image above, or - for more advanced usage - you might want to type the merge field identifier directly such as {{first_name}} for First Name.

Whenever the message is sent to one contact, the text snippets that follow the {{merge_field}} format, will be replaced by the actual field value for that specific contact.

Finalize the Email Version of your Campaign Step by configuring:

  1. Delivery Windows (that are used considering the target contacts’ timezone, not your local timezone)

  2. Enable Track Email Opens - the opens will be reflected in your Campaign reporting

  3. Enable Track Link Clicks - please be aware that for cold emails, inserting Links will trigger spam filters to block your email.

  4. Test Email - use this for testing out an Email Version with an email address of yours.

You can now add additional Email Versions to your Campaign Step for A/B testing, go on and add Email Versions to subsequent Campaign Steps or simply start you campaign by:

  1. Clicking "Details" in the top right area of your browser, placed to the left to the recently used "Email Sequence".

  2. Clicking the "Start" button that will trigger campaign sending.

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