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Exporting: what each email type (&column) means
Exporting: what each email type (&column) means

Personal emails, generic emails, other company email addresses Emails from other domains

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You will notice that, since the latest update, there are 4 different columns for emails. In this article you will learn what each column means:

  • Personal  Email Address

  • Generic Company Email Address

  • Other Company Email Address

  • Emails from other domains

Let's take a look at each one of them:

Personal  Email Address

Whenever we find a person's name on a website, we check if any of the emails found on the same website matches the person's name (for example, [email protected]).
If we find an email address matching the person's name, we add it on this row. So this row will only contain emails such as [email protected], next to "Florin".

Generic Company Email Address

This column contains emails such as Contact@, Info@, Marketing@ etc. What we'd call generic email addresses.
These emails aren't associated with any employees.

Other Company Email Address

Some emails don't fall into any of the above categories. For example, some businesses have an email for each subsidiary - [email protected].
Such emails can be found on the "Others" column.
Other times, the person's name might not be mentioned on the website (hence, it's not part of our database), so we don't know that's a personal email address. So we add it to this column.

Emails from other domains

We added this because it was requested by our users.
If we find the name "Florin Tufan" and the email address on the website, you will find Florin Tufan as an employee in your export, but his email will be on this column - emails from other domains, because is different from

To find an explanation for how "one email per row" or "all on the same row, comma separated" will look after this change, please check out this article.

Please let us know if this new way of displaying emails makes your outreach easier 😀

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