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Searching: Filtering companies by the keywords found on their websites
Searching: Filtering companies by the keywords found on their websites

Soleadify allows you to filter your companies results by the keywords found onto companies' websites

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In Soleadify, you can now filter businesses by the words found on their websites. You can also exclude businesses based on that (aka negative keywords).

Add a Keyword criteria by using the "Add criteria" button in the upper area of your screen. You may want to add several criteria for Keywords.

There are 4 types of Keyword filters you can add:

  • Is

  • Is Not

  • Is Exactly

  • Is Any Of

Keyword Is:

Will filter out websites that don't contain ALL the words added by you.
For example, for the rule "Keyword is United States", you will only find websites that contain both "United" and "States".

Keyword Is Not:

Will exclude websites that contain the keywords you select.
The rule "Keyword is United States" will exclude websites that contain either United, or States, or United States

Keyword Is Exactly

This rule will look for exact matches.
For example "Keyword is exactly United States" will search for the words "united states" found together on the website.

Keyword Is Any Of

This will search for either one of the words.
The rule "Keyword is any of United States" will look for all websites that contain either United OR States.

You can also choose where to search for keywords:

  • in homepage

  • in homepage title

  • in homepage description

By default, Soleadify searches on the homepage.
But if you want to find a narrow, but very accurate list of shops, you can find the websites that mention "shop" or "store" in their homepage title.

You can add several rules by clicking the "Add criteria" button and selecting "Website keyword" from the right sidebar.

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