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Defining locations within your target market
Defining locations within your target market

The new location system explained: the differences between any location, main location, only location

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You can identify companies in your target market by filtering on Country / Region and City.

In previous versions, every address we found on a business' website was considered an address of the business. This created situations where one business was mainly based in a country, but also had other smaller, secondary locations in other countries. So it came up in results when searching for both the "main country", and the "secondary country", which created some inaccurate search results.

Until now, Soleadify treated all the addresses as having the same importance.

Well, we changed that, and now we identify three types of locations, and you can use that to refine your search:

Main location

Based on a number of factors (number of occurrences, the page where it's found - i.e. homepage, contact page etc.) we identify one address as being the main location of a business. This returns fewer results than choosing "any location", but it's more accurate.

Any location

This will keep the old system of Soleadify. It will search through ALL the locations found on a business' website. Returns the most results, but it's the least accurate.

Only location

Will look for businesses that are based in one location only. Local results. For example, if a business has two offices - San Francisco and Los Angeles, it will not appear for the search "only location - San Francisco", but might appear for the search "main location - San Francisco". But if you search for "only location - California", since both cities are in California, this business will appear in search results. This will return the lowest number of results.

How to use it

By default, just like before, we apply filters for "Main location".

If you want to change the type of location Soleadify searches for, just select another type of location in the Country / Region criteria.

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